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About Me

My name is Ambreen Khan & I am an IT professional. My nearly 15 years of experience in Information Technology is definitely varied, ranging from Web Site Development(www.rmhsolutions.com) & App Designing to Testing & Automation. Passion for quality is what drives me and I like to follow best practices whenever possible.

As someone who has done both, software development & testing, I would say I have an equal appreciation for both. I like to be able to create software that can “drive” other software as part of a test. This allows me to keep both my Tester & Developer mindset’s working and thinking.

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Apart from testing, I also love to share my knowledge. You can find my articles on my blog Software Testing Trends & on my Github Wiki Tech Journal

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I like to educate and motivate others through my training on Udemy & SkillShare. Checkout my courses:



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